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Empowering people to sustain and thrive.

Worldwide, over one billion people are still without access to clean and reliable electricity, forcing them to rely on fossil fuels, such as kerosene and diesel. This is expensive, polluting, and adds to global greenhouse gas emissions.

Mbegu Solar is here to change that.

At Mbegu Solar, our goal is to make the transition from fossil fuels to solar energy easier and faster for consumers in emerging markets.

We help our customers to turn the need for solar energy into an economic opportunity and connect them to our network of automated solar-powered phone charging stations across Kenya. 

By operating the station, customers will earn recurring income while providing clean and reliable energy to their communities.

How it works


Receive the station.

For a small down payment customers get access to a solar-powered phone charging station. It is automated and combines embedded GSM with cashless payments through M-Pesa.

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Generate revenue.

Our customers can earn up to 30 USD a month from operating the station. They keep 25% as a direct cash incentive. The rest is used to pay for the station. The station is  linked to our software platform where our customers can conveniently check the status of their business and earnings.

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Become a solar energy hub.

Customers continue to operate the station after full repayment. They are also encouraged to sell other solar products such as torches and lamps to members of their communities.

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Get support and upgrade.

Our local team is always available to help customers with technical problems. We can also assist customers in upgrading to a more powerful charging station.

Our Impact

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jobs created in rural communities​
phones charged with clean energy
litres of diesel fuel saved
kg of CO2eq avoided

What our customers say


Quinter, teacher

Thank you for the warm welcome. We are very happy that we are one of your clients. The solar is great and we as the staff of the pilot school are very happy.

James, farmer

The station helps me to support my family and raise our standard of living. I can also bring development to my community in Gwassi.


Fred, head teacher

I like the program. It provides us with proper lighting and we can charge our phones with a lot of ease.

Our supporters and awards

Did we make you curious?

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