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Our story

Mbegu Solar started in 2018 as “Solar4Schools” after our founder Yang learned during a field visit in Kenya that many people have no access to clean and reliable electricity. After conducting more than 500 interviews it became clear that people still depend on kerosene and firewood as an energy source and even have trouble charging their phones. This made us think – what if we could turn this challenge into a sustainable business opportunity for schools?

After returning to Aalborg University in Denmark, where Yang was studying at the time, our team started brainstorming. That’s how the idea for our phone charging station was born: it offers schools a new source of income and at the same time gives communities access to reliable and affordable solar energy. Then, just as we were planning our first pilot, the global corona pandemic hit and schools throughout Kenya were shut down.  But instead of putting our project on hold, we looked for other potential customer groups and quickly realised that local entrepreneurs, farmers and women’s self-help groups, to name but a few, were also looking for ways to tap into new economic opportunities.

Fast forward to summer 2020, we have just completed our first pilot project in two regions in Kenya. Over the past two years, we have built up our diverse team of technical, business and sustainability experts, moved into our office in Lund in Sweden and formally established our first partnership with an international development organisation. We can’ t wait to see what the future holds for us.

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