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Team Sweden


Yang - Operations lead

Yang has a background in innovation entrepreneurship and is driven by her passion for sustainable innovations. She’s been running a social venture in Kenya since 2015.



Sanjay - Technical lead

Sanjay is a renewable energy engineer. He contributes with his technical knowledge and understanding of urban and rural settings in developing countries.


Hanna - Sustainability specialist

Hanna is an environmental scientist and spent nine years in South Asia, gaining experience in sustainable rural and urban development and working for a solar organisation.


Abel - SW & Automation engineer

Abel is in charge of software development and has 6 months experience living and volunteering in Rwanda. He is motivated by achieving social change through technology and innovation.

Team Kenya


Alvin - Project coordinator

Alvin was born and raised in Kenya and later moved to Korea and the US for his higher education. He is an experienced IT support technician.


Alice - Logistics coordinator

Alice has a background in Agricultural Economics and has experience in various research and data collection methods.


Lewis - Ground coordinator

Lewis has been with Mbegu Solar since 2018 and is currently overseeing our ongoing pilot.