Electronics/ Embedded Systems Engineer (Nairobi, KE)

MbeguSolar is a startup company that develops a technology platform connecting people with solar energy using a novel self-financing mechanism in Sub Saharan Africa. At MbeguSolar, our vision is to make people’s transition from fossil fuels to solar energy easier and faster. We believe that this can only be achieved through sustainable innovation: combining the need for clean and reliable energy with the creation of economic opportunities.


Currently, we are expanding our team in Kenya. We are looking for an Electronics/Embedded Systems Engineer to lead technical development and integration of our product in Nairobi with experience in embedded systems, prototyping, circuit design, and software development. Our product is in its early stages and we are currently working on improving the whole system and eventually designing and manufacturing a dedicated PCB. You will be responsible for design changes as necessary both to the circuit design and integration with consideration for production, robustness, cost, function, and customer needs. You will also be responsible for integration of the embedded system and support technicians both in Nairobi and on site.


  • Design and testing of embedded system
  • Identification of defects of the product
  • Life cycle and functionality testing
  • Assisting software development through testing
  • Offering technical support and advice of the product to technicians
  • Report writing and documentation of testing and development


  • Academic background: Electronics/Embedded Systems Engineering or similar (Bachelor’s/ Master’s)
  • Work experience: 3+ years
  • Language: English and Swahili
  • Basic understanding of data sheets, schematics and product specification sheets
  • Proficiency with electronics, microcontrollers, and embedded systems required
  • Previous experience with prototyping and hands-on development
  • Experience with Arduino, C, C++, product development and CAD meriting (highly recommended)

Send your CV and Cover Letter (with your background and motivation) to info@mbegusolar.com before Jan 30th, 2021.

For more information or questions please contact us at info@mbegusolar.com and phone number +254 723 417026 (Kenya).