Changing the way how energy poverty is addressed

Worldwide, over one billion micro-enterprises are struggling to self-finance their solar transition, leaving them forced to burn fossil fuel which is expensive, unreliable, and adds to global greenhouse gas emissions.

Mbegu Solar is here to change that.

At MbeguSolar, our vision is about sustainable impact. 

MbeguSolar is a B2B technology platform that connects micro-enterprises with solar energy, using a novel self-financing mechanism.

‚ÄúMbegu‚ÄĚ means seed (empowerment and growing business) in Swahili. Our focus is not only creating something impactful, but making it last for long using innovation and technology.

We work through partnership with global distributors (who are distributing various solar systems such as solar charging system, solar water pump, solar irrigation system etc. to micro-enterprises around the world).

Using MbeguSolar platform, distributors can increase sales and improve their profitability.

Our technology will not only power a business but will also empower an individual.

Our Impact

3 0
jobs created in rural communities‚Äč
devices powered with clean energy
litres of diesel fuel saved
kg of CO2eq avoided

What our customers say



Thank you for the warm welcome. We are very happy that we are one of your clients. The solar is great and we are very happy to be part of the pilot.


The station helps me to support my family and raise our standard of living. I can also bring development to my community in Gwassi.



I like the product. Now I can run the business with a lot of ease.

Our supporters and awards

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