Updates from Mbegu

Hello Solar Lovers! It has been a while!

We realize we have not been able to share what has been brewing, hence today we will take the time to tell you a little bit about how the year has been going so far!

In the past few months the team has been working around the clock in Sweden and Kenya on our upcoming projects. In the summer we will be delivering our solar powered mobile charging stations to 17 schools around Homa Bay County. We are more than excited for this project!

Partnering with local organizations in Kenya we have found 17 schools who are in need of a charging alternative. These schools are scattered around Homa Bay County both on the east(Rusinga) and the west(Kendu Bay).

Our Senior Engineer and Software Architect have together been developing our product and running tests for the field! While our trainee and field representative together have been conducting some surveys with the 17 schools. Our field representative also visited 8 of these schools to conduct a field study. In conversations with these schools we have found there are markets close to many of these schools thus allowing even inhabitants from the town to access our charging station. Our customers are all hoping for an overall community upliftment as a result of our project. We will also be training our customers in order to empower them to run their stations and operate them.

Thus, it is only a matter of time before all these schools who are facing power shortages will receive our stations. We are hoping to create a larger impact with this project. In the coming months we will also be taking the time to study our impact in different ways.

In the second half of the year we are hoping for our impact to also reach women entrepreneurs in rural Kenya. Local partnerships have helped us find our target customers who are in dire need of this service. Some local organizations have been working extensively on women empowerment and helping them find means of income.  We hope to share more about our impact story in the near future!

In the meantime more seeds have been added to our team. Mbegu is undergoing expansion both in Sweden and in Kenya! These months have truly been exciting. We have come a long way!

We have also taken part in various online events, summits and conferences. And we are also finalists in the Venture Cup Sweden. In case you missed us at any of these conferences, please watch this space for more information on upcoming events!

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